Is sky

the limit ?

Sky overview

Build a resilient world.

The baggage management is burdened by paper-based processes. Information is held in various formats across dozens of service providers along the "end-to-end" supply chain, requiring complex, cumbersome, and costly peer-to-peer messaging.

BAGG technology is the sole application currently offered within the marketplace to provide a solution for less complexity in the process between all stakeholders - including more transparency, security and less paperwork and errors during exchanges of information.


Blue sky

for new technologies.


Baggage management should be face to great challenges in the future.

BAGG Technology provides huge opportunities for establishing connections with new technologies such as SIGFOX (communications solutions) for the baggage management.


is a linked ecosystem.

Security, transparency and trust between all stakeholders will give everyone more confidence. It will be easier for regulators and other services such as customs, insurance providers, etc. to access information.

BAGG Technology allows a global community to build a new shared ecosystem including technologies with high potential such as artificial intelligence, predictive system, blockchain and IoT.



is an opensource platform.


Future technologies promise to build an ecosystem and build new business models.

BAGG Technology is an open source blockchain focused on the development of a suite of stable frameworks, tools and libraries for aeronautical companies for efficient baggage management.