What is

bagg technology ?

Data live

High availability and scalability of the information everywhere, every time.

Bagg Technology provides a platform for all transactions carried out (without intermediary) in real time and with unalterable data. Instead of multiple parties maintaining (and altering) copies of their own dataset, now every stakeholder receives controlled access to a shared dataset creating a single source of truth.

This is built around the principle of immutability of the data engraved within its blocks. This gives confidence to everyone working with this data that they're using the most recent, accurate, and reliable dataset.


Data secure

Worldwide SPOC (single point of contact) for baggage management


Based on LIV protocol, BAGG provides the most reliable technologies for the aeronautical ecosystem.

BAGG is a dedicated blockchain for airlines companies, ground-handlers, airports, customs…

whose stakeholders for the baggage management need to interact, check or act within the process.

Data share

Decentralized databased and enable for all API you work with

BAGG can also enable data transparency and access between stakeholders along relevant baggage supply-chain creating a single source of truth.

API connected, BAGG is an open source blockchain focused on the development of a suite of stable frameworks, tools and libraries for aeronautical companies for efficient baggage management


Data compliance

IATA Resolution 753 compliance and more


BAGG provides the technologies able to integrate all interactions needed to have a baggage management process IATA resolution 753 compliance.